Change and beyond was founded in 1999 to bring about personal and collective progressive change for a sustainable future.

Services are offered for individuals, couples, parents, young people, high potentials, managers and executives in many areas of coaching, training, well being and the human operating system.

We assist in connecting people and ideas together, making life more productive, enjoyable, effective and creative.  If you've found your way here you are welcome.


changed, chang·ing, chang·es

To cause to be different: to make or become different;

To alter form or appearance, to transform

To give and receive reciprocally; interchange or exchange

change [tʃeɪndʒ]


change one's mind to alter one's decision or opinion

change one's tune to alter one's attitude or tone


1. the act or fact of changing or being changed

2. a variation, deviation, or modification

3. the substitution of one thing for another; exchange


To alter one's approach, behaviour or attitude.

When your thoughts change, your world changes…


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Tim Gunner

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When your thoughts change, your world changes…