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Assisting people to find their own simple solutions to "problems" toward healthy, wellbeing, balance, meaning, purpose and successful living. To explore the pleasure and simplicity in achieving personal and professional change and transformation.


Working globally specialising in:
  • Human Behaviour & Communication

  • UP - Universal Principles

  • Human iOS

  • Coaching, Training and Development

  • Psychotherapy


Tim Gunner is an experienced qualified Psychotherapist, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator delivering seminars, workshops, webinars, team development, virtual, group, family and individual interventions.


From dealing with stress and anxiety to effortless living, mental health issues and addiction to wellness, From teenage development to successful career and vocation, from marriage and relationship difficulties to mediation, From parenting issues to mentoring/teaching, individual personal development to team and organisational development, from coaching to psychotherapy... it is all about change and changing behaviour, from the inside out.


Tim Gunner


With an educational and commercial background in 6 different industries Tim has held managerial and consultancy positions in the fashion, clothing, food and music entertainment over the years. He has also served in public, voluntary and private health sectors. He has had a vast life experience belying his years from unemployment to earning a six-figure salary and back again, from being a troubled child & young teenager to international consultant, from depression  anxiety and addiction to psychotherapist, from trouble with education to multi-graduate, from poor to rich, from lost to successful he has earned graduation wisdom from the university of life in addition to his many academic qualifications.


Tim has a great sense of humour. In his company one is not without fun and laughter and one can connect with a sense of calm, empathy, relaxation and wisdom. Despite his good natured happy go lucky character, organisational experience and his university education, Tim experienced a difficult childhood and schooling. Tim’s early years and teenage transitions were very turbulent resulting in trouble with family and authorities. Suffering from poor anger management, depression, anxiety, alcohol and substance use, Tim, with the help and collaboration of others, followed a path of self-discovery, personal development and recovery turning life around to live a fully productive and happy life as father, director, consultant, coach and psychotherapist.


After a good career in retail, sales and distribution Tim decided very early on to follow in his parents example and develop his skills with a view to give something back to his community. He entered a career in mental health specialising in young people and substance abuse. Tim’s deep empathy, understanding and considerable amount of personal and professional experience has helped countless people of all ages in their quest for fulfilment, success, self-discovery, self-development and recovery from "mental health disorders". He is now one of many educating in a new paradigm of psychology and deep understanding about the universal principles of the human experience and human operating system (Human iOS).


He now works globally for both individuals and companies. Lives in the English countryside with his beloved wife Tiffany and daughter Tia and enjoys relaxing, music, singing, playing guitar, gardening, food and drink, time spent with family and friends, reading, walking in the countryside with his dogs and exploring life and the world around us.


Tim is a grounded individual and still takes huge pleasure in providing change services with and for people of all ages and all backgrounds.


Tim's character strengths are:

  • Empathic

  • Grounded

  • Relaxed

  • Patient

  • Compassionate

  • Connected


  • Degree in psychoanalytical counselling and psychotherapy from University of Birmingham

  • Cognitive behavioural therapists practitioners Certificate from University of the West of England

  • Diploma in European business and marketing

  • Diploma in professional development management from Middlesex University.


Other qualifications and accreditations
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Brief Solution Focused Therapy

  • iHeart Practitioner

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Practitioner of Three Principles based work.

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

  • National training accolades in 2008 and 2009


Other Interests
  • Partner of THE BRIDGE Management Development Ltd

       At THE BRIDGE Tim works as a consultant, facilitator & coach around the world for some of the worlds most admired organisations.​

  • Mentor/Facilitator of REBOOT Programme. A versatile learning and mentoring programme that is designed to provide people of all ages who are seeking a career change, a promotion, or looking to start their own business. An opportunity to develop or learn new skills and reboot their life and capacity for learning. It is a flexible wide ranging learning and training programme and includes one-to-one support from a network of great mentors.

  • Director and development Manager of BACK TO THE WILD CIC (B2W) a unique project that supports personal and social development, helping young people reconnect with themselves, their communities, others and nature. The B2W Project works with educational and youth services to engage young people in inspiratonal projects amongst the beautiful back drop of the Herefordshire forest and countryside.

  • MAN ALIVE PROJECT co-ordinator and facilitator. Where mental health meets physical health so men can reconnect to themselves, to other men and back to the world and we can reverse the rising trend of male suicide together.

  • iHEART facilitator – Innate Health Education and Resilience Training – is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping young people uncover their innate resilience and mental wellbeing.

“We are what we think, what we choose to say and what we choose to do. This becomes habit and forms our character.”




When your thoughts change, your world changes…

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