Coaching helps you connect with your inner potential and challenge barriers to personal change, opening doors to new levels of success, personally or professionally.

Find your life purpose and get on-track

  • Be more effective at what you do

  • Experience deeper connection in relationships

  • Let go of stress, worry and anxiety

  • Find freedom from depression or anger

  • Cope with addiction/s

  • Manage thoughts that hold you back

  • Have way more fun and a richer experiences of life

  • Learn to live in the moment

  • Enjoy your work so much more

  • Be much more effective

  • Unleash the potential within

In your coaching sessions we focus discussions and conversations toward your goals, growth and effectiveness.


Coaching will help you focus on what it is important to you and what you really need to in order to achieve change, transform your life, be happier and reach your goals.


Everyone is unique and different. You will receive deep listening and unconditional positive regard whatever you say or choose to do. We discuss who we are and how we experience the world.  Looking at thought, behaviour, communication and actions. It is non-judgemental and strictly confidential.


The Process
  • Face to face meeting  if possible (telephone or zoom/google hangout/skype/face time if not possible) initially.

  • Coaching continues remotely via zoom or telephone; most methods of communication accommodated.

  • Personal intensive coaching sessions are available, spending full days of personal coaching (1-3 day Intensives) offering break through sessions.


You will lead your time and specific topics for discussion. We will help you focus on:
  • Seeing how life works through you.

  • Developing potential.

  • Improving relationships.

  • Enhancing your perspective.

  • Achieving results, freedom and direction in life.


Coaching is strictly confidential


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Tim Gunner

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When your thoughts change, your world changes…