Universal Psychology

As the world evolves we also evolve collectively as individuals; We need to respond to the changing world around us.


Basic universal psychology (UP) and HumaniOS (Human infinite operating system) offer us a way to understand our experience what motivates us, how we interact to certain people, situations, and conditions and provides a positive opportunity for chang. 


We can develop a better relationship with ourselves, others and the world in which we live. It is an inner journey expanding our knowledge of the mind; offering us a way we can evolve, develop and interact to change.


Ultimately each of us perceives the world individually and it’s about time we acknowledged we are the creators of our experiences. This dictates how WE react, how we interpret meaning, how we feel and how we respond to our world.


We live in a world where often people are quick to blame others and their circumstances for how they feel. We often create unnecessary drama for ourselves and others, as if we are living our in own little soap opera.


There is one solution for all our "problems".

We can identify who we really are and create purpose in life, listening to ourselves and others, creating change and finding a more fulfilling life.


  • Be happier and find your natural connection

  • Live your true life purpose

  • Be more effective effortlessly 

  • Experience deeper connection in relationships

  • Let go of the drama, stress, anxiety, and worry in your life

  • Find freedom from depression, anxiety, sleep problems, anger and blame.

  • Unlock thinking and thoughts that holds you back and create "problems".

  • Have way more fun, and a richer experiences of life.

  • Live in the moment, whilst remaining effective, productive and creative

  • Unleash the infinite potential within

  • Increase your impact

  • Love the life you live

  • Live a life of love


Health, happiness and well-being ...... where does it come from and how can  you achieve a better balance in my life?


Understanding Universal Psychology (UP) of our experience and the Human Operating System (Human iOS) will unlock the door to this question and provide you keys to deeper lasting wellbeing


  • Success

  • Deep inner peace

  • Better relationships

  • Health

  • Wealth

  • Happiness


Universal Psychology (UP) & Human Infinite Operating System (Human iOS).


We cannot have an experience of life without the principles that guide our lives. No thought, there is no life and no experience.


  • Thought forms our world. People think and perceive reality individually. We create our own reality by what we see, hear, feel, smell, taste sense and perceive in the world around us. We generate countless thoughts and perceptions that arise, and fall away,  in each moment and the course of each and every day. This thinking comes from within us.


  • It is the intelligence behind life. Our capacity to experience our thinking brings our thought-generated experience to life through our feelings and emotions.


  • People are alive and are part of nature. There is a power and “intelligence” behind life. This intelligence is an "energy”, that brings the natural world to life, the “power-source”, behind life. Different cultures have different names for this life force, universal energy, God, quantum physics zero point energy, light, chi, nature, the great spirit, evolution, collective consciousness etc. Whatever you call it, it is all the same thing. Universal mind is the life behind all things including us.


Something that we all have in common as human beings is that we experience and express our consciousness in many ways. They could be said to be distinctly different ways but are in fact one and the same system at the same time. This is the nature of Universal Principles & Human iOS - Thought, consciousness and mind which has been referred to by various scientific, philosophical, religious, spiritual and mystical traditions throughout time. Some explain it as Mind-Body-Spirit, in traditional psychology it could be The Id, Ego and Super Ego, other circles call it thoughts, emotions and actions or some the Law Of Three, Three Principles, Inside Out, Single Paradigm, One Solution... in religion it could be God, the holy trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, scientists may call it zero field energy or quantum field.  It doesn't matter what we call it, these universal principles, universal psychology (UP) governs each and every one of us that is human, living and breathing with a heart beating in our Human operating system (Human-iOS)



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Tim Gunner

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When your thoughts change, your world changes…