5 Top tips for Life

1. Know you are unique – How you do things, your personal strengths and what you think is like no other. It may be similar to others but does this matter? Don’t compare your life to others, as there is no point! Don’t judge others either. You, your life and the direction of your life path is unique and others are just different.

2. No-one is in charge of you except you – You are 100% responsible for how you think, feel and behave. The results you get are down to you and what you choose to think or do. You are in control of your happiness, your life and your emotions. You can choose your inner world like you can choose what hat to wear or what jacket to put on.

3. Live for today and make peace with the past for it has happened and today is happening now. You need to make peace with your past so it won’t disturb your present. Concern yourself with what is going on for you now! The past will drag you back and the future has not happened. Living in the past or future will take you out of the present moment, the only reality.

4. Don’t be too concerned by what people think of you and how you appear to others – It is useful to calibrate what others think and what you think but quite frankly it is only a perception and is not real. What others think is none of your business most of the time.

5. Time heals almost everything – Give things time and keep putting effort in. You get out what you put into life. Things constantly change and the way you feel now, the things that are important to you today will not necessarily be the same later in time.

By Tim Gunner

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When your thoughts change, your world changes…